Best Portuguese Food!! SEAFOOD MOUNTAIN + Lobster Rice in Matosinhos, Portugal!

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MATOSINHOS, PORTUGAL – Some say that Portugal has the best seafood in the world and today we’re going to find out why. With pristine cold water Atlantic ocean spanning the west and south coasts, Portugal is a seafood paradise. Today we’re eating our way through Matosinhos, a port and fishing town just outside of Porto.

Huge thank you to Taste Porto ( for taking me on this incredible tour – they are the best! Thank you André Apolinário and Ricardo Brochado, it was amazing to hang out with them. Check them out for incredible food tours in Porto.

Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos – The local market is one of the best places to begin your seafood tour. The market is clean and organized and home to extremely fresh seafood of the day. You can also get all sorts of vegetables and fruits while you’re at it.